STRATOSFEAR’s goal for businesses in the Infancy Stage is to position them well for the next stage of growth. We want to accelerate the Growth Path and avoid “predictable problems”.

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Business Triage – Early Stage Financial Distress

In 2014 STRATOSFEAR was formally recognised by its peers by winning the prestigious National SME Turnaround of the Year Award for our work in the Logistics Industry, as awarded by the internationally recognised Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

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Emerging Corporates

Emerging Corporate businesses start to become increasingly valuable as earnings grow and earnings multiples increase. To fully maximise the value of the business the owner needs to commence the process of delegating control and responsibility to unit managers.

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High Potential Start Ups

The STRATOSFEAR Business Dynamics model was originally developed with the Start Up Business Community in mind. The STRATOSFEAR Business Dynamics Model was developed as a predictive model to estimate which businesses had a disproportionate probability of success.

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Large Corporates & Institutional

Larger companies have grown to become successful on the back of long term key strategic strengths. The larger a business becomes, the more difficult it can be to maintain a strong focus on maximising performance, as an increasing number of considerations and objectives come into play.

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STRATOSFEAR harnesses the knowledge and experience of our staff in order to help clients transition from each of the various stages in their Corporate Lifecycle evolution. If clients conquer the transition points in the business lifecycle, they often go on to achieve something truly special.

This is what makes STRATOSFEAR one of a kind. Very few advisory firms can successfully help businesses grow to become large corporates as STRATOSFEAR does. If you have the desire to become an aspirational business, we want to hear from you.